Today, most real estate searching is done online. Photos and video that show the full scope of your property are most likely to attract the attention of potential buyers.
Aerial photos and videos help sell any property. They provide potential buyers with a true picture of the property and its surroundings in a way that ground photos alone simply cannot.

Our services are particularly helpful in accurately presenting large properties and parcels of land. We are able to highlight property lines realtime in video footage, providing a rare perspective on the full scope of a large property.
The lifestyle associated with a certain area, such as a nearby lake, or conveniences and attractions such as a lovely park or good schools within walking distance, can be very important to potential buyers; we are happy to include footage of such attractions, giving your properties even more appeal.

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Drones enable photos and video from almost any perspective; this enables complete freedom to best capture a subject, often with breathtaking results.

Not only do drones show a building or landmark in the best possible way, they are able to also show the surrounding area - all within one shot. Aerial photography is the best way to tell the whole story.

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Drones have changed the face of construction. Whether performing aerial surveys of a build after each major step or recording progress at regular intervals for promotional purposes, drones provide a superior means of capturing the state of a job.

Because our drones are controlled by GPS, we are able to plot missions via satellite imagery and have the drones fly the identical same mission as many times as is required. This allows progress to be evaluated from the exact same perspective every time.