What will I receive?

We will be happy to deliver whatever will most help you meet your needs. The length of the video and the number of still photos will vary depending on how much is needed to adequately capture the subject; for most projects, a 2-3 minute video and approximately five still photos are appropriate. We are happy to host the video ourselves or send you the full file; whatever is most helpful to you.


How long will my project take to be completed?

There are many variables that affect the timeline of a project. In order to achieve superior results, we fly traditional projects only in the "golden hours" just after sunrise and just before sunset. We also fly only in sufficient lighting conditions, i.e. plentiful sunlight. As light is the most important factor in capturing the most beautiful footage, it is worth waiting a few days for the best conditions. Editing can take from two days to a week; we strive to have drafts available as quickly as possible, often in as little as one to two days. The project is not complete until you are completely satisfied.


We strive to offer the highest quality service at affordable prices. While every project is unique, the base fee for projects that include a standard video (like the ones featured in our Gallery) as well as still shots is $400. This is the price of most single-site projects, which includes all post-processing, music, and copyright issues. The fee for still shots alone, also including all post-processing, is $200. Please contact us for a quote on your project; we are happy to provide raw footage for a reduced rate.


What is post-production?

Post-production is a fancy word for photo and video editing. It is also what makes footage and stills spring to life and inspire the viewer. This is an extremely subjective process, and there are countless decisions to be made that affect the feel and direction of the footage. For every hour in the air, we spend approximately three to six hours in post. This is the most critical step of all - and we believe the results speak for themselves.